Slob to Stud

Hi I’m Reid. Slob to Stud is my fitness blog where I document my successes and failures on my quest to become fit. The header image is my current goal physique. You won’t see rippling abs on me (yet). I am midway in my journey and I have some improving yet to come.

I am different because I am flawed. Most fitness bloggers are already perfect. They have nice hair, rippling abs and expensive cars. Any flaws they do have are airbrushed out. These models are great to look at for inspiration. What I find lacking is the how… How did they get fit? Were they ever out of shape? Did they ever eat a full tube of shame cookie dough in bed? I am sick of following perfect people who are more interested in selling supplements than helping out their fans.

I am documenting my process from SLOB to STUD. Follow me on this journey. I would love to get fitter with you.



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