Experiment #1 – 1 Mile a Day Running Challenge – update (8 days in) & a new potential running goal

April 23, 2016

The running challenge is going great. I haven’t missed a day and my speed has been improving.

I was worried about never running and then cold turkey switching to 7 runs a week. So far though my body has held up fine. I have had minor aches and pains but nothing serious in my knees, legs, heart or lungs. The distance is short enough that I haven’t even had a side stitch yet. Oddly, my legs feel sore only when I am not running. Before I start my run each day my legs feel mildly stiff and my knees feel brittle but as soon as I begin my run everything feels better quickly.

So far I have trimmed a minute off my mile pace. Not bad for eight days of running, especially while running only a mile each day. That means if my pace was held for a 5k distance, I would have gone from running a 28 minute 5K to a 25 minute 5K at day 8.

It is a bit odd running only one mile. Normally, when I have run in the past I would have already gone a bit further. For now it has been nice to force myself to stay at one mile. This is especially true for me now since I have been getting faster.

Here are my runs so far:

Day 8 – 8:04 mile
Day 7 – 7:58 mile
Day 6 – 8:18 mile
Day 5 – 8:32 mile
Day 4 – 8:36 mile
Day 3 – 8:53 mile
Day 2 – 9:03 mile
Day 1 – 9:03 mile

The fastest I ever ran a mile was waaaaay back when I was in junior high. I ran a 7:14 in gym class and likely haven’t touched that since.

I am now hoping by the end of the challenge I will hit a 7:33 mile. To hit that pace I would have trimmed off exactly 1:30 from my mile in just 30 days.

The one thing that may hold me back is I am not doing any longer runs. To get faster at the mile you normally mix up your training more. Without sprints, longer runs or rest days this will be harder to attain, but it will be fun to try!