A restart

April 07, 2016

Most fitness blogs start with a fit guy. Then they tell you how they got their rippling abs. Then they show you their amazing lifestyle. Then they sell you supplements and t-shirts. Yay!

The problem is you don’t see the process or the grind. You don’t see them wearing sweat pants and eating a shame filled tube of cookie dough. You don’t see a picture of them where they aren’t composed, photoshopped and perfect.

It can be inspirational but not as helpful if you are looking for the how. Also there is a struggle of whether or not you can truly trust them. When they are selling supplements how do you know they believe in the product versus just looking forward to your payment?

I am starting this blog up again because I want to be fit. I want this to be real to show you the good and bad. So let’s start with that…

The Good

1) I have stayed consistent with lifting for years. I lift 5-6 time a week. I love lifting. It is such a habit now that I feel uncomfortable when I don’t lift.

2) I am dedicated. I completed a Reddit fitness challenge where I lost 25.6 pounds and 5 inches off my waist in 12 weeks. During this challenge I fit in a full round of P90x, lifted 3x a week, did cardio and followed a diet. I was a man possessed. I was convinced I was going to look just like the before and after images you see in all the fitness magazines. I did well but not that well.

3) I completed a full round of P90x (as a part of the Reddit challenge) listed above.

4) I have trained for and run a handful of 5K races. I am a poor runner but I am dedicated and I have stuck to my training plan for my race.

The Bad

1) I have failed my original goal. I don’t have abs. I am not a fitness model.

2) I haven’t been consistent with my cardio. I always told myself that lifting is more important. For overall health and wellbeing cardio is an important component. I should be doing cardio regularly.

3) I have gained weight and lost it back. Dieting has remained inconsistent. I am firm as hell with my diet and then a month later I relax.

4) I have neglected my legs. When I started lifting I did squats 3x a week. As I progressed I focused less on legs. I need to get the proportionate to the rest of my body. I still want to fit in jeans but my legs are too skinny.

The Ugly

Just kidding. We are all imperfect. Love yourself and be happy whether you are a slob or a stud. If you are happy at your current weight, yay! If you want to make a change do your best. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. I have. We all do.