The best low calorie condiments

June 14, 2016

The Best Low Calorie Condiments

Low calorie condiments are truly a secret weapon when dieting. The can take a bland food and make it mediocre. For example, simply adding hot sauce to lean chicken breast adds a level of heat and flavor that makes it much better tasting without adding a single calorie.

The overall guideline when choosing a condiment is to check the label. If you don’t have a label to inspect, follow these two rules and you should be fine:

  1. Stick to condiments that are thin. If it is thick and chunky (think mayo & ketchup) it is likely not low calorie.
  2. Stick to condiments that are savory and not sweet. It’s amazing how many processed foods have added sugars.

Here are some of the best low calorie condiments:

Here are some condiments to avoid:

Be on the look out for added sugars or fats.