Experiment #1 – Start Post – Cardio Experiment – I will run 1 mile every day for 30 days

April 14, 2016


My first run will be 1 mile and I will go as fast as possible. It will be embarrassing. It will look like I sandbagged and started slow to show improvement. My last run will be 1 mile and I will go as fast as possible.

I will run for 30 days with no days off. If my knees shatter I will limp/walk. If I lose a limb I will crawl. No matter what I will finish. If this comedian can run a marathon 27 days in a row I can surely run a mile.

I may run more. I initially wanted to run 5k everyday for 30 days. HOWEVER, I need to be careful not to overtrain and injure myself. I haven’t run for years so I don’t want my tiny knees to explode.

Why running?


IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2061

My Background

I hate running. My biggest problem is I run too hard and then I burn out. Once in my life I ran for a year consistently (it was 5 years ago) as I got better I started liking it more (shocking, right?).

I ran and trained for a couple 5k races 5 years ago. I kept it up for around a year. My best time was a 28:14 in a Turkey Trot 5K race. Not embarrassing but not too good either. Before that I had not run since high school.

I have not run in 5 years. Not a mile. Not a block (well maybe a block with my kids.)

Why running is ok (sorta)