Completing P90x and a Reddit Fitness Challenge – my BEFORE and AFTER pictures :)

April 08, 2016

I completed a 12 week Reddit fitness challenge in November 2012. Here are my results:

Before is on the left. After is on the right.


What I did:

  1. A full round of original P90x. I didn’t miss a day or slip up once.
  2. I also lifted 3x a week. I didn’t mis a day or slip up once.
  3. I exercised in addition to my lifting and P90x. I did cardio in the mornings a few times. I walked on my lunch breaks at work.

What I accomplished:

  1. I lost 25.6 pounds in 12 weeks. (210.8 –> 185.2)
  2. I lost 5 inches around my waist. I went from size 36 inch jeans to size 33. (38.5 –> 33.5)
  3. I kept my chest the same size (41 inches). To do so I gained muscle to replace the fat I lost
  4. I got healthier. My blood pressure & resting pulse dropped by 13 points. 123/71 & 70 –> 109/58 & 60

What I did wrong:

I was a bit too extreme in my weight loss. At one point I was eating around one meal a day with snacks. I thought to hit my goal I had to lose weight as quickly as possible. The best transformation in my mind was the greatest amount of weight lost. I lost 25.6 pounds but at the end my body was flat and weak. It wasn’t a healthy way to diet. Because of my extreme diet I bounced back. I ended up having a “free weekend” and gaining back a chunk of my weight.

I am glad I did the challenge. I believe it’s important to always try new things. Extreme challenges allow you to grow as you become more aware of what you are capable of. Fitness is more about the mind than the body.

Here is my completion post with additional information: