Dieters are the most annoying people in the world

June 10, 2016


When you are on a diet you place yourself under stress. You can have mood swings as your blood sugar gets low. You are often more prone to irritation and anger. Some people even think that the self control you are exercising makes you more mentally tired.

The problem is when you allow that tension to transfer to others. Losing 5 pounds isn’t a good reason to be an asshole to your family and friends.

Here are the top reasons dieters are the most annoying people in the world:

Dieters are Hangry

When you diet it’s easy to get hangry. Walking around with a frown is enough for your family to ask you “what’s wrong Daddy?”.

Dieters are Judgmental

When you are counting every calorie it’s easy to look at someone overeating (or overweight) and to judge them. After all, you quickly learn that a mocha and a bakery item from Starbucks can be nearly half of your calories for the entire day.

Judging other peoples habits (even silently) doesn’t help you or them.

Dieters can push food on others (aka food masturbation)

I worked with a great guy at my previous employer. He was the nicest guy but he had a couple of issues with food that were “interesting”. We had a shared kitchen and people would often bring in goodies. Most people ate them readily and others did not. The problem with this guy is he would not eat the treats. Then after an hour or so he would make the rounds and ask everyone who ate the food what it was like. He would say “How was that brownie?”, then “It looked dry, was it dry?” and then a couple more questions about taste, texture, really everything. He was half getting off on the experience without actually eating and half convincing himself that it wasn’t good so he didn’t want to eat the treat.

The other funny thing is he once commented on the amount of candy wrappers in another person’s trash. The woman his comment was about felt really, really bad. You could see the pain on her face as he said it. He gave the woman a complex to the point that she started putting her junk food wrappers in the communal kitchen.

Dieters can be too Nice

This one is odd. How can you be too nice? Here’s a story to illustrate what I mean.

I went out for dinner with my wife. Afterwards we went shopping and then we ended up at an outdoor art fair. It was a great date. She pointed out to me that I was acting odd. Multiple times throughout the date I asked her if she wanted either a dessert, treat or more food. I was dieting at the time so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t putting my restrictions on her. Plus, when you diet you tend to think of food constantly so everything I wanted I asked her if she wanted too. Sounds pretty healthy, right? ;)

Here are a few of the treats I offered her throughout our date: