Dieting Success Story – how I lost 30 pounds in five months – 200 pound milestone

May 06, 2016


I am a 6’2” guy that has been over a 200 pounds for the last year. At my highest I was 236 pounds. I hit that weight right before Thanksgiving. I was unhappy so I decided I needed to lose weight and lose it quickly. I knew that most people gain weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I felt unhealthy and unhappy so I didn’t want to add on any more weight to my already stretched out frame.

How I lost 24.8 pounds in 25 days

I lost 24.8 pounds in 25 days using my homemade SCR Diet.

After that I hovered and maintained my weight around 206 for the next couple months. I know from past experience that it is really easy to bounce back up after a diet. This is especially true when ending a more extreme diet. I kept my weight there for a couple of months before I was ready to lose the rest of the weight.

How I lost the last six pounds in 22 days

I lost the extra six pounds in 22 days by adding running to my daily routine. I kept my diet and lifting schedule unchanged. The only addition was I made the commitment to run one mile a day for thirty consecutive days.

I am currently 22 days in to my 30 day challenge and I just hit my goal weight of 200 pounds. I weighed in at 199.6 pounds the first day and am now holding just under 200.

current weight: 199.8
current body fat: 24.6% fat (as you can see I have a ways to go :) )
current pant size: 34 x 34 (status kinda loose. woot!)