Experiment #1 – 1 Mile a Day Running Challenge – update (half way complete)

April 29, 2016


This goal will be difficult but easily doable. It’s difficult mainly because I am making it difficult by running hard each day. If you wanted to do the challenge and run it more slowly it would be much easier for a beginner.

Weight Loss

I have lost 5.5 pounds so far. That’s pretty good for 15 days time. I have been watching what I eat but not tracking all my calories. Most of my weight loss was due to me eating healthy and not to running. I do know that a healthy habit for me usually motivates me to be healthier in all aspects. If I know I have a run coming up at night I don’t want to eat a big meal beforehand. Then when I am done running I don’t really feel like eating right afterwards. This

Day 15 – 200.7 (25.2% body fat)
Day 1 – 206.2  (26.6% body fat)


I have plateaued a bit after my pace improved quickly initially. My guess on that is since I am just running a mile it won’t help much with improving my pace. If I added more variety I would have improved faster. Hopefully, it is getting me in a position to keep running since it is such a healthy habit.

Day 15 – 7:56 mile
Day 14 – 8:01 mile (still running slower than day 7 – gah)
Day 13 – 8:02 mile
Day 12 – 8:20 mile
Day 11 – 8:12 mile
Day 10 – 8:23 mile
Day 9 – 8:02 mile
Day 8 – 8:04 mile
Day 7 – 7:58 mile (plateau starts)
Day 6 – 8:18 mile
Day 5 – 8:32 mile
Day 4 – 8:36 mile
Day 3 – 8:53 mile
Day 2 – 9:03 mile
Day 1 – 9:03 mile


Psychologically, it isn’t too hard each day to go out and run. It helps that I am gone for only around 10 minutes. The only problem is it has been colder and rainy lately.

My foot feels awesome. At the start of the challenge I was just getting over an injury. Thankfully, my foot has been fine and not an issue at all.