Experiment #2 – Start Post – Losing 10-15% body fat

May 31, 2016

My new challenge is to hit 10-15% body fat. I am currently 24.2%. This means on the low end I will be losing 9.2% and on the high end I would need to lose 14.2% body fat.

I chose body fat because I want to retain as much muscle as possible. If I do a crash diet I will lose weight quickly but I will lose too much muscle. My last challenge was 30 days long and I lost 3% body fat. However, I lost weight too fast since I lost a quarter inch from my flexed bicep. That is a significant loss in only a month. Losing weight is easier the heavier you are and I know that as I get closer to my goal it will be harder to keep losing fat while maintaining muscle mass.

I am not setting an end time for the goal. After my last challenge where I had a minor injury, I want to pick challenges that are more reasonable and maintainable.

My estimate is this challenge will take me 4-6 months since I plan on losing 1-2 pounds a week.

My Starting Point

weight: 202.2
body fat: 24.3%
resting heart rate: 65
blood pressure: 120/70
waist: 36.5″
chest: 42.75″
calf: 15″
thigh: 23″
bicep: 15″ (14″ not flexed)


These are guidelines that I intend to follow but will allow some flexibility if needed.


These rules are items I need to follow to make this challenge a success.