Who are you / What is your name / Where do you live?
My name is Reid and I live in Minnesota.

Can I meet you in person and wash your hair?
Um, no.

Are you serious about this site / your goals.

Can you give more information about yourself?
Sure, here are some answers, try and figure out the questions ;)
Male, 31, married, cheese, 2 young’uns, vaseline, Honda, gypsies

Are you taking supplements?
My goal is to not take any supplements for Phase 1.  We will see about Phase 2.  If I do it will be something along the lines as creatine, nothing too crazy.

What are you eating?
I try and keep it healthy. Here is a typical lunch:  sandwich (cheese, mustard, turkey, whole wheat bread) & here is a typical breakfast: yogurt, granola, fruit.

What is Shovelglove?

What is the No-S Diet?

If you have any other questions, ask away.

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