Why does a fitness lifestyle make others angry or insecure?

June 16, 2016

Whenever you do something out of the norm, people feel threatened. My sister-in-law yelled at me the other day because I fed them homemade ice-cream. The ice-cream was pretty awesome. It was a Ben and Jerry’s recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough MMM. The “yelling” came up when I served them all this really rich ice cream and while they were eating I turned around and grabbed a diet ice-cream bar for myself. Oops :)

I also frequently bring a subway sandwich to pizza parties. I have young kids so it happens more than you would think.  I don’t mind having a cheat meal once in a while. However, when I cheat I am going to be eating something awesome. I am not going to be happy eating shitty Papa John’s Pizza. The first piece is usually awesome (warm, fresh, tasty) and the next three pieces are only filled with shame and regret.

Each time I do something healthy and unexpected I end up making someone uncomfortable. Someone comments on my decisions with a frown on their face. I think it’s because either they feel like I am judging them or at the least that I am causing them to take another look at the decisions they are making.

As I get older I am ok with this tension.

When I was younger I would have felt bad and probably even apologized. The next time I would have just eaten the pizza.

Now, I do whatever I want. If I am dieting I eat healthy. I don’t let others guilt me into eating.

Everyone else should do the same.

Eat whatever you want. If you like pizza, go nuts. If you don’t want pizza don’t eat pizza. Just don’t judge others for being different.