How to get through the first few days of a diet

June 02, 2016

Dieting with kids in the house is hard
Dieting with kids in the house is hard. This was the carb spread for an end of the year kids party. Woot!

I just started a new diet. The first two days have been a huge pain in the ass. I went from eating crap the day before (mainly because I knew the diet was coming) to dieting cold turkey. The first few days have been a bit rough.

You get hangry.

You get headaches.

You get irritable.

These annoying symptoms are real. Your body is in pain because it’s going through withdrawal. For me I have been restricting and limiting sugar, refined carbs & caffeine. Sounds like fun, right?

  1. Make sure you drink enough.
  2. If possible, ease into the diet. Cut out calories and foods slowly.
  3. Track your calories to be sure you are eating as you planned. I tend to eat too little.
  4. If you don’t feel less hangry after the first 5 days or so, adjust your diet. You don’t want to make yourself and your family miserable. No diet is worth that.
  5. Remove tempting foods. If you live with kids this may be challenging. If there are foods you love that are tempting and bad for you, don’t bring them into your home when dieting. For me, thats chocolate licorice. My relationship with chocolate licorice is unhealthy to say the least.
  6. Stock up on low calorie foods you love. Ok maybe love is the wrong word. My go to choices when dieting are rice cakes, no calorie hot sauces, egg whites (and eggs… mmm yolk), diet power aid, mustard, chicken breast, salsas, diet ice cream.
  7. Plan for future slip ups. I know we are hosting an ice cream party for my kids’ last day of school tomorrow. I already knew how I was going to approach this day before I even began my diet.