How to have more fun in the gym (and what I do to smile more when getting fit)

April 11, 2016

Here are some ideas for you that I have tried. All are worth considering because if you are having fun you are more likely to stick with your workouts. When you stick with workouts you slowly get fit, find yourself having fun and hitting your goals at the same time.

Have free days

My current routine has me working out with the following days: Push, Pull, Legs, Chest/Back, Arms, Optional Legs, Off, Repeat. On Monday through Wednesday I have a fixed routine. I plan and track each lift. On Thursday, Friday I workout for an hour and I lift hard but I don’t have a specific set of exercises or rep ranges that I stick to. If I want to do two exercises (bicep curls and tricep cable extensions) for an hour I do just that. After following rigid routines for years giving myself some flexibility has been fun.

My free days allow me to focus on more of a bodybuilding workout. On my Friday arm day I do a mixture of tricep, bicep and forearm exercises. I do all to failure and try to get a pump. It may not be the best workout for growth but it feels amazing and it is a fun balance to my more regimented other workout days.

Have an optional day for a lagging body part

My legs are lagging. I work them out every Wednesday. I fractured my foot so I can’t do calf work, squats or leg presses. However, I can do leg curls and extensions.

If I want to be “good” I workout on Saturday. That way I am hitting my legs 2x a week instead of 1 time. If I don’t go I feel fine since its optional. If I go I feel super productive. I just worked out 6x that week and I feel I am doing everything in my power to bring up my legs.


Nothing is more motivating than someone complementing you and letting you know you have improved. A complement can motivate you more than anything else.

Work out with a friend

Choose your friend carefully though because if they aren’t dedicated they can cause you to slip up.

Do cardio outside

Sitting on a machine and moving your legs repetitively can be fine depending on your goals. Getting outside is better. Especially if you sit at a desk all day (rat race) please consider getting outside for your cardio instead of getting on the hamster wheel. :)

Be driven

Set a hard but attainable goal. Examples of goals are P90x, signing up for a 5K race. Goals give you focus and are fun (especially when they are over :).