My #1 Productivity Tip

April 27, 2016

Step 1 – Each morning write out your daily to do list on a whiteboard.
Step 2 – Do everything on that list before you go to bed.

This approach is simple and surprisingly effective.

Why a Whiteboard?

It’s crucial that the list is on a whiteboard. Ideally, the whiteboard should be large, fixed to the wall and within sight of your dedicated workspace.  The reason for the whiteboard is it forces your list to be more prominent and important. It becomes a constant visual reminder of what you are and should be working on. Every time you glance up you can see exactly what is left to do that day.

The other benefit of the whiteboard is everyone can see exactly how much (or little) you put on your list each morning.

Why can’t I go to bed yet?

The absolute nature of the list forces you to work hard early so you don’t get behind. When you slack off during the day you feel the pain later at night. After one or two late nights you start adjusting your habits.