My Current Workout Program – April 2016

April 12, 2016

I have done many different workout programs. I started with working out with a sledgehammer in my own home (don’t ask). Ok fine, my first workout program was shovelglove. It involved me standing in my living room and pretending to shovel, chop, and churn butter with a sledgehammer. :)

After that I joined a series of gyms and switched programs multiple times. Right now I am in an amazing gym and doing the following workout.

It is a homegrown push/pull/legs split that allows me to workout 5-6 times a week. It has been great. Here are the days, exercises and rep ranges. I spend about an hour in the gym each day.

Monday – Chest & Triceps

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

Wednesday – Legs

I don’t do squats. Get over it. :)

Thursday – Chest & Back Free Day

On Thursdays I spend an hour alternating between chest and back exercises. I work with different rep ranges and weights. I consider this my free day because I have worked out both chest and back already earlier in the week. With each exercise I focus on going to failure and getting a pump. Each exercise I focus on the muscle.

Friday – Arms

On this day I do arms. I alternate between bicep and tricep exercises. Towards the end I finish with forearms.

Saturday – Lagging Bodypart
I have been repeating my leg day each Saturday. I have skipped leg workouts in the past so this extra day is helping to get my legs up and more proportionate.