My experience with P90x – the perfect fitness program for beginners

April 09, 2016

P90x is a perfect workout for beginners. The biggest reason for this is the program has a very prescriptive nature. Each day you are given explicit instructions on what to do and what not to do. Beginners often quit or lose motivation when they start to worry if they are doing the “right” thing. As soon as doubt creeps into their mind they are much more likely to stop working out.

When you start P90x you quickly realize that the instructor Tony Horton is the boss. He is fit, aggressive and knowledgeable. He orders around his workout actors. He uses them like props to show you the correct form to do each exercise. He orders you around. You listen because you believe he knows exactly what you need to do to get in shape. He is motivating but not annoyingly so. By the end of the program you will be quoting him and considering him your best workout buddy.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Tony:

Do your best and forget the rest.

I hate it, but I love it.

Other Pros to P90x

It’s nice full-body routine that incorporates chest, back, legs and arms.

You can do the workouts with very little equipment. I started with bands, pull-up bars, yoga mat and push-up handles. My total investment was around $100 for the equipment.

The ab workout is especially nice. It is compact, fun (kinda) and effective. Even if you don’t do the full program I would recommend that you consider fitting it into your normal workout program.

Tony did a great job motivating you during the workouts. It really was like having your own personal trainier.



P90x isn’t the perfect workout. It’s targeted towards people that have little to no equipment. For example, you do a bunch of pushup variations. Pushups are great but bench would be better. Even better than all those pushups would be if you incorporated dips. However, most people don’t have a bench or a dip stand in their home. So they can’t be included in a program that works for everyone.

People have mixed results. In the advertising you always see the amazing before and after transformations. In reality the results are oftentimes not as stellar :) Search for “my p90x completion post” on Google to see some more realistic end results.