My first running injury – left knee + lessons learned

May 12, 2016

IMG_2165 IMG_2158

I ran for 26 consecutive days before I injured my left knee. Here is what’s happening with my knee:

I think it’s my bodies way of saying “slow down” and take a day off. The only problem is I have 4 days in my latest challenge. So I’m not going to stop running. I am doing a couple of things to help with my knee.

Last night I still ran but I changed a couple of things in an attempt to not damage my knee any further. First, I ran at a slower pace. Secondly, I varied my route. I ran in the opposite direction than I have been for the last 26 days. The reason for that is I feel like my injury was partially due to me running the exact same route each day. The route has me taking more right turns than left. As I turn my left knee is bracing more and taking more impact than my right.

Lessons learned – AKA – How to not injure your stupid left knee