One problem with my current diet

June 04, 2016


I am losing weight too fast. I am only four days into my diet. So far I have lost 5.8 pounds.

Holy fuck!

Partially this is caused by me binging the day before my diet started. Since I knew my diet would likely go months I wanted some damn Taco Bell (don’t judge) before I started eating clean. About 2 of those pounds were from the day of overeating. I would have lost that weight regardless.

Also, I believe I am losing weight because my diet is a low carb diet. This has caused me to enter a state of ketosis after a couple of days of dieting.  This has caused me to lose water weight and some fat quickly.

My plan is to continue to hold and stick with my diet. I know from experience that weight loss always starts off quickly and then levels off and gets harder the lower fat you go. I do realize that my plan was 1-2 pounds a week so I will increase my calories if this same level of weight loss continues.

In the meantime….Woot!