My philosophy on fitness – four easy steps that will *only* take you the rest of your life ;)

May 29, 2016

People research online for hours. They obsess over the perfect workout routine, diet, stretching routine, pre workout maple water and post workout protein shake.

It’s easy to spend more time researching then actually doing the hard work it takes to improve. Focus on these following four steps for 99% of your time and spend the other 1% researching all the other crap. Just be sure you leave some time in that 1% to watch some before and after transformations on YouTube.

The four easy steps to getting (and staying) fit:

  1. Sleep 8+ hours. If you know someone that tells you they only need four, they are a liar.
  2. Eat healthy. Focus on whole foods. Don’t be afraid of fat.
  3. Exercise.  Pay equal attention to both your heart and skeletal muscles.
  4. Track your progress. That way you can see if you are improving. If you aren’t improving make slight adjustments (to one of the above) and track again.