The best low calorie dessert when dieting

June 12, 2016

macaroons - the best dessert when dietingThe best low calorie dessert when dieting are macaroons (pronounced mac-a-rons). These french cookies are amazing. They are decadent but still a low calorie dessert. You could eat one every day and still easily stick to your diet.

The best part of macaroons are the variety of tastes and textures within each cookie. Remember the movie Amelie where she ate a creme brûlée? She started by cracking the hardened caramelized sugar top with the back of a spoon. Then she revealed the decadent creamy custard below. Mmm. A macaroon has the same refinement but is better tasting and lower calorie.

Why Macaroons are a perfect dessert when dieting:

  1. They are smaller. If you keep to just one there is no opportunity to overeat.
  2. They are amazing. I prefer to have better quality and less quantity.
  3. They are low calorie and high protein. Most are 70-100 calories. The two biggest ingredients in most macaroons are egg whites and almond flour. Watch out for ones with buttercream filling.
  4. They have a huge variety.